Hans Kilian Award 2017

Closing date for applications and nominations: June 30, 2016

Since 1987, the Köhler Foundation has been sponsoring outstanding scientific research and publication projects in a continued effort to encourage and recognize excellent achievements in the humanities and social sciences. The Hans Kilian Award honors scientific achievements of people who have dedicated themselves to a new examination and conceptualization of the historical and cultural existence of mankind and the corresponding alteration of the human psyche.

The Award owes its name to Prof. Hans Kilian, whose interdisciplinary concept of “metacultural humanization” encompasses numerous historical, anthropological, sociological, psychological, and psychoanalytic enquiries into essential problems of a rapidly changing world.

This call for nominations is addressed foremost to scientists and researchers who have been creatively transcending the borders between disciplines and cultures and bringing forth productive syntheses between previously isolated areas of knowledge. Special consideration will be given to those who explore historical and cultural dimensions.

The Hans Kilian Award of Merit amounts to 80,000 Euros.

This international award ranks among the most highly endowed awards in the humanities and social sciences in Germany. It is conferred biennially. The first award ceremony was held in May 2011, the second one in June 2013, and the third one in April 2015. The Köhler Foundation hereby invites universities as well as cultural and academic associations throughout the world to nominate eligible candidates. Self-nominations are also allowed.

For all information concerning the nomination and application process for the Hans Kilian Award of Merit 2017 please visit our corresponding website.

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